ICM does not disclose any client information to third parties except if requested by law or by the client directly. We are committed to ensuring that the personal information of our clients remains secure as we consider confidentiality to be an integral part of our relationship with our clients.

Any personal information collected about the client such as name, address, date of birth and contact details will be maintained with ICM strictly for business purposes. Other information such as client transactions, copies of passports and proof of addresses will remain confidential and shared only between our account services and compliance departments. ICM may additionally inquire about the credit worthiness of the client, which will also remain confidential within our customer files. Such information may be maintained either physically or electronically with strict access procedures.

ICM may share client information with internal departments or affiliate offices who conduct marketing, back-office and customer service functions to accomplish normal business operations. However, client information is required to be kept confidential as each employee within the ICM has signed a Confidentiality Agreement in this regard.

Any questions or additional information regarding our privacy policy may be directed to our Customer Service Department at support@icm.com.

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