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June 28, 2014 - ICM Capital is pleased to announce the launch of its first 'Live Trading Championship' which will begin on Monday the 21st July. 

The live championship will commence on the 21st July and all the traders will compete for cash prizes until 6th September 2014.

As in football, ICM Capital is offering different leagues for traders. The top five performing traders in each league could walk away with a cash prize. The entry points for each league are defined as follows: League 1 requires a minimum deposit of USD 2,000 to qualify and the top trader could walk away with up to 3,000 USD in cash. Traders in League 2 must deposit a minimum of USD 5,000 and could walk away with between 500 and 5,000 USD in cash prizes. The most rewarding league is the 3rd with a qualifying entry deposit of USD 8,000 and a chance of winning the grand prize of USD 10,000. In addition to the prizes given, ICM Capital will award clients with trading bonuses based on volume traded. 10%, 20% and 30% bonus added to each league deposit respectively.

Both new and existing clients are entitled to enter this fantastic trading opportunity which has some outstanding cash prizes up for the taking. New clients must open a Live Trading Account and pass the ICM Capital compliance procedures in order to be entered before the launch date. Even those who don't win will be rewarded with a trading bonus which will be included on top of any qualifying deposit made to enter the ICM Capital trading competition. Clients must make a new deposit to qualify and the results will be based on the highest return reached by market close on 6th September.

The formula which will be used to calculate the winners of the championship is: (Net Profit / Deposits) x 100.

This is the perfect chance for traders of all levels to sharpen their trading skills and become a more confident trader whilst having the chance to win amazing prizes at the same time. This will be an exciting and challenging trading experience which should not be missed. All participants of this championship can also benefit from ICM Capital's special credit bonus programme to convert their bonus to cash. Enough required lots traded during the above mentioned time frames can qualify for the programme. 

Participants have the opportunity to enter using multiple accounts, however all individual and new deposits must be credited with the exact qualifying amount for each league at least 48 hours prior to the championship commencement date. ICM Capital are flexible when it comes to bank charges being added by the traders banks or exchange rate fluctuation, and therefore will allow USD 100 + or – on any championship deposits made. Once the championship comes to an end on 6th September all Live Accounts can still be kept open for normal trading.

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