Company Profile

ICM Story

ICM is a Global Trusted Pioneer in the financial services and investment industry.

ICM Brand was initiated in 2009 in the United Kingdom, and has expanded rapidly worldwide to cater for both retail and institutional clients globally with local offices in United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and other regions.

The ECN model of ICM combines advanced technology with deep liquidity to give our clients the opportunity to trade a diverse range of financial products including foreign exchange, commodities, futures and indices, with tightest spreads and fastest execution and ensures best trading experience with full transparency.

At ICM, we follow industry best-practice and maintain high standards of governance, compliance and consistency, and we take extreme measures to ensure the protection of our clients and the safety of their funds, through multiple regulations and segregation of clients’ funds with highly rated and secured financial institutions.

ICM’s team consist of highly experienced and energetic professionals who treasure a close relationship with our customers and therefore know our clients well and provide high quality customer service and personalized support for each individual.

Our client focused approach and commitment to professionalism and integrity continuously drives the business firmly in the direction of treating our customers fairly.