ICM Capital - Reminder - June 2016 Future Contracts

Please find below the expiry and the next available instrument dates for all futures contracts traded between 1st June - 30 th June 2016.


Instrument Trading Month Symbol Available for trading on the platform Expiry Date
OTC Dow Jones Futures Jun @DJM16 Available 16-Jun-16
Sep @DJU16 9-Jun-16 15-Sep-16
OTC Mini Dow Jones Jun @YMM16 Available 16-Jun-16
Sep @YMU16 9-Jun-16 15-Sep-16
OTC E-Mini S&P 500 Index Future Jun @ESM16 Available 16-Jun-16
Sep @ESU16 9-Jun-16 15-Sep-16
OTC E-mini NASDAQ Jun @NQM16 Available 16-Jun-16
Sep @NQU16 9-Jun-16 15-Sep-16
OTC Light Sweet Crude Oil Future Jul +CLN16 Available 20-Jun-16
Aug +CLQ16 13-Jun-16 19-Jul-16
OTC E-Mini Natural Gas Henry Hub Future Jul +NGN16 Available 27-Jun-16
Aug +NGQ16 20-Jun-16 26-Jul-16
OTC Brent Crude Oil Future Aug BRNQ16 Available 29-Jun-16
Sep BRNU16 22-Jun-16 28-Jul-16
OTC DAX Index Future Jun DAX-M16 Available 16-Jun-16
Sep DAX-U16 9-Jun-16 15-Sep-16
OTC FTSE 100 Index Future Jun F100-M16 Available 16-Jun-16
Sep F100-U16 9-Jun-16 15-Sep-16

All positions that remain open at expiration will be closed at end of day price.
Please note schedules may subject to change without prior notice.

In case of any query, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Services team on +44 207 634 9770 or email us at can also visit our website and have the benefit of our live chat support.

Wish you all the best with your trading!

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